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How Much Distance Do I Need for A Projector?

By XGIMI Tech - 2024-3

General Guidelines for Throw Distance:

It's essential to understand the basics. While most projectors have a range of recommended throw distances specified by the manufacturer, it's best to know the basics yourself.

Throw distance refers to the distance between a projector and the screen. Please look at the projector's specifications and the desired screen size for the best image quality. Typically, for a standard throw ratio, place the projector 1.5 to 2 times the screen width away. Short-throw projectors allow closer placement, while long-throw projectors require greater distance. Please always consult this blog for specific recommendations, ensuring you have the best focus and brightness for your viewing environment.

Throw Distance for a 100-inch Screen

The 100-inch screen is an ideal size for enjoying a home theater. Therefore, take a sizeable 100-inch screen and look at how much the throw distance of different projectors can fulfill it. Here are three examples of projectors with varying throw ratios to see how far they each need to project onto a 100-inch screen.

Enjoying your immersive home cinematic with a screen size of 200‘’

●If you have a long throw projector with a 1.2-1.5:1 throw ratio, you must put the projector about 2.67-3.3m against the screen or wall.

●If you use a short throw projector with a 0.39:1 throw ratio, you must put the projector about 0.87m against the screen or wall.

●If you use an ultra-short projector with a 0.23:1 throw ratio, you must put the projector about 0.51m against the screen or wall.

What are the advantages of the projectors with different throw distances?

One projector can project different screen sizes with different throw distances. It can be customized depending on what screen size you want.

Projected screen sizes vary in terms of throw distances.

●Long Throw Projector :

The long throw projector is always far away from the screen to enable large-screen viewing. However, choosing a long-throw projector requires considering the projector's picture quality projection. Only a long-throw projector that excels in image quality can produce a clear, large-screen image.

●Short Throw Projector:

If you don't have space to put a long throw projector to have a large screen, You may choose a short throw projector to reach the big screen. The short-throw projector can save more space because it has a shorter throw distance than the long-throw projector to project the image. You can put it more close to the screen to save the space.

●Ultra Short Throw Projector:

The ultra-short throw projector is more limited than the long and short throw projector; for example, it may be heavier than other projectors and more expensive than casual projectors. However, it can have the big screen in the shortest throw distance. This closer proximity can be advantageous in smaller spaces or rooms with limitations on throw distance.

Conclusion: How to choose a suitable throw distance projector

In conclusion, selecting a suitable throw distance for a projector involves carefully considering three key factors: the screen size, the space's dimensions, and the budget constraints.

Firstly, the desired length of the screen plays a crucial role, as it determines the throw distance needed to achieve optimal clarity and visibility.

Secondly, the dimensions of the space, including the distance between the projector and the screen, influence the throw distance range that is compatible with the available area.

Lastly, budget considerations are essential in choosing a projector that meets the throw distance requirements and aligns with financial constraints. By carefully evaluating and balancing these factors, you can make an informed decision to ensure the projector's throw distance is well-suited for the screen's specific needs and space.

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