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How X-VUE 2.0 Provides Unparalleled Visual Clarity

By XGIMI Tech - 2021-11

Simply put, XGIMI's X-VUE 2.0 image engine is the power behind its phenomenal color and visual clarity. This incredible technology helps keep all dynamic content incredibly clear and smooth while delivering lifelike colors that seem to jump off the screen. In this article, you’ll learn all about X-VUE 2.0 and why it is necessary to achieve the ultimate viewing experience.

What is X-VUE?

X-VUE image quality engine is a big-screen picture quality processing expert. The X-VUE image quality engine technology was developed for 5 years and includes 3 systems and 11 technologies that can enhance the image effect from clarity, color, and noise reduction to provide users with an immersive image quality experience.

X-VUE image engine provides users with an immersive image quality experience

Enhanced clarity

Every image is clear and smooth. The X-VUE engine improves the smoothness of dynamic images, enhances picture details, and improves picture layering.

The enhanced clarity function can optimize entire images with specific algorithms to bring out more details. The veins of the leaves, the texture on the wings of dragonflies, and even a single strand of hair can be clearly shown after optimization. In our sample comparison, we found that the projector with X-VUE image quality engine showed more details of pet hair, even in the background of relatively complex scenes.

Besides, the enhanced clarity function, which provides targeted optimization of large-screen picture quality, makes the picture smoother, more layered, and more detailed.

In high-speed motion pictures, picture jitter and trailing have greatly impacts the immersive movie-watching experience. The clarity enhancement system can calculate the screen change between two frames, automatically generate intermediate frames, and fill the screen gap in the motion state by interpolating frames. This solves jitter and trailing issues for high dynamic images and significantly improves the smoothness and clarity of images in motion. 

Revivification (True Color Restoration)

Restores true-to-life imagery by unifying the color temperature standard, optimizing different colors for different objects, and correcting the skin color of faces.

To please the user's eye, the major projector brands have their own color-tuning tendencies. However, color separation and realistic restoration is still in the same general direction. However, there are subtle differences in color performance due to different batches of optical machines, such as the yellow, green, and violet-like colors of the optical machine itself, which can be off. The X-VUE picture quality engine, on the other hand, allows the picture to be colorful and layered without distortion.

At the same time, it identifies different objects in the picture through intelligent algorithms and optimizes and enhances the colors of different objects in the picture independently. The revivification function can identify different colors such as red tomatoes, green vegetables, and orange pumpkins. Although the three objects have different color performances, the X-VUE picture quality engine can make different color tones for these three different objects. Thus, the color of each object is closer to the actual color while not affecting the color of other objects. 

X-VUE picture quality engine allows the picture to be colorful

Not only that, but X-VUE can also make targeted adjustments to the skin tones of people in the picture. With the X-VUE image quality engine, the people in the picture are clearly getting more details. There is no overexposure in the brighter areas of the image, and it is well layered and rich in detail.

Ultra de-noise (Exceptional Noise Reduction)

A clearer picture. Improves picture clarity, text sharpness, and image smoothness.

Finally, noise can be a topic that all display devices cannot avoid. And as the size of the projected image increases exponentially, noise is more noticeable to the viewer. The X-VUE image quality engine technology combines a number of noise reduction technologies to provide different noise reduction algorithms for different screens, intelligently suppressing the noise in the screen while retaining much of the picture detail.

And when we watch the original imported movie, the noise around the subtitles is very easy to produce. The addition of a huge screen in the projection, often more easily noticed by the viewer, looks like a heavy shadow general. The pure noise reduction can be processed by the unique noise reduction technology specifically for this kind of noise, so that the subtitles in the film display more clear and three-dimensional. 

Without Ultra de-noise vs. with Ultra de-noise


With X-VUE 2.0, you get a significant boost in clarity and color detail, leaving your display ultra-clear and filled with lifelike visuals. Undoubtedly, this is captivating enough to immerse you in your favorite entertainment content with ease. Do yourself a favor, and experience movies and TV shows the way the creators envisioned.

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